Monday 7 February 2011

Oh, and...

I know you are all probably curious about which are the most popular quilts - I am always interested to see which are most well-liked... This round was a little different than the past two in that there were more quilts which only appeared on a few lists than there have been in the past - my theory about that is that it's to do with the sheer volume of quilts received, and the overwhelming popularity of a small handful.

Anyway. The most popular (i.e. appearing on the most lists, regardless of position) was no 17, the blue shibori piece with beadwork, which appeared on over 30 lists. Other very popular pieces include no 20, no 26, no 28, no 34, no 40, no 42 and no 45, all of which appeared on approximately 20-25 lists.

Does this matter? Is it a popularity contest? Of course not. All the quilts enterred in the swap had their individual merits and charms and I'm sure their new owners will be pleased with them, regardless, but I do think it's interesting to see which are the most universally appealing. If you were lucky enough to be a maker of a more popular quilt, it's more likely you will receive a quilt high on your own list - though of course, it's all about balance, so I'm making no promises!

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