Monday 2 January 2012

Round 6 Grand Reveal

OK, it's time - past time - to do the grand reveal and show who made which quilt and who received it in the end.  So, we'll start with Quilt no 1, which was made by Barbara and sent to Francine.

Francine made this tennis themed quilt (no 9), which went to live with Sandra, who made this

interesting multi-textured piece (no 3), which ended up in California with Julie.

Julie's quilt (no 11), which only didn't make my list because I already own a quilt made by Julie, went off to live with Jay, who made this piece, (no 4):

Jay's quilt (no 4) ended up in Arkansas with Ramona, who is one of the people who has been in all of the ALQS swaps - there are a few. But I can always count on her to produce an interesting piece and well within the deadline. This round, she made this quilt below (no 7)

which went to live with Vero, in Chile. Vero has also been in many rounds of the ALQS, if not quite all of them, and although I am always slightly nervous while quilts are travelling to and from Chile, we've never lost one in either direction. Touch wood!

Vero's quilt this time (no 34) went to Linda in DC

And Linda's superstitious quilt (no 16) went to Michelle.

Michell's quilt (no 13) was the one that caused me quite a bit of agony by taking a long time to reach its new home in Australia, with Melody.

Melody's lovely abstract tree (no 22) went to Anne in Norway. Anne is lucky, because Melody's quilt was one of the most requested pieces in the swap, and it's easy to see why.

Anne's own piece (no 23) went to live with Catherine, while the piece which Catherine made (no 24, below)

ended up wending its way to Lynda in the UK.  Lynda's quilt (no 26), also one of the most requested pieces, is the one piece which still isn't with its own, because it is travelling to various shows and being photographed for Lynda's new book. Such is the price of fame!

However, Margaret, to whom it is eventually headed, is happy to receive it, even if it means a wait. And speaking as an owner of some of Lynda's work, it's definitely worth the wait. I have a trio of pieces on my stairwell which Lynda made for me in another ALQS swap, and they still bring me great pleasure every day.

Margaret's quilt (no 15), which was another I considered allocating to myself (to be honest, there were loads of them I liked this time around), went to Germany to live with Nicole,

and Nicole's colourful flower (no 17) went off to Texas to hang with Cathy.

Cathy's piece (no 35) which I like a lot, and which is one of those pieces which, given the colouring, almost certainly looks a lot better in person (what is it with photographing purples, anyway?), went to Marie.

Marie's quilt (no 33, above) is the baby sister of another quilt she made for herself, and went off to Susan in Florida.

Susan's Lone Star (no 8) travelled off to Ann's place,

while Ann's Mariner's Compass (no 19) went to Misha.

The quilt that Misha made (no 18) - don't you love the wavy border fabric and wavy quilt edges, to go with the curved piecing? - ended up with Mary,

And Mary's 3D flowers (no 5) went to Kerstin in Germany.

Kerstin's redwork piece (no 25) came to the UK to live with Pam,

while Pam's piece (no 12), which also features stitchery, went to Barbara in Northern Ireland. And that completes that ring of quilts.

Some times there are lots of small loops - this time it all goes in two loops, one larger and one smaller. Not that it matters, but it's funny sometimes how it works out!

And so, on to Loop 2...

Penny's quilt (no 2) left sunny Australia to go live with Maya in the Netherlands,

while Maya's fun portrait (no 32) went to live with Diana.

Di's quirky Runaway Chairs (no 21) came to live with me (hurrah!) and is very happily residing right near another ALQS quilt, so it's not lonely...

My quilt (no 27) went off to Alaska to Natalie - hopefully the brightness will help dispell some of the winter dark out there!

Natalie's own Gee's Bend-inspired quilt (no 30) went to live with Sheila

while Sheila's piece (no 28) went to live with Kjersti in Norway.

Kjersti's piece (no 29) went to Shawn

and Shawn's newts (no 20) went to Singapore to live with Vreni.

Vreni's colourful quilt (no 10) was another that didn't go on my own list, despite my liking it, because I was lucky enough to get a piece made by her last time around. Instead, this quilt went to Sharne

and Sharne's piece (no 14), which I liked almost as much as my Runaway Chairs, went to Jan in New Zealand.

Remarkably enough, Jan's quilt (which was another popular choice - no 6) stayed in New Zealand - very unlikely, since the vast majority of the players are not from New Zealand - and travelled to Glenys, which brings us to the end of the second loop, as Glenys's quilt made a short (well, shorter than to the US or Europe) hope across to Penny in Australia, where we started loop 2...

And that's that.  I hope you'll all consider joining me the next time around, which will definitely be in 2012, but not for a few months as I like to have a little rest between swaps...

Happy New Year to you all!


Oops-Lah said...

Well done Kate, once again. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful Grand Reveal!! It was so fun to see them again.

Margaret Garrood said...

Well done Kate for sorting out the swap- it must have been quite a headache! Here's to the next one when you have had a rest!

floribunda said...

I always enjoy the reveal! Thanks again...

Misha said...

Bravo, Kate! (or is that Brava?)

Well done, everyone!

Orange Crumpled Napkin said...

Thanks for coordinating this, Kate. Looking forward to the next Swap!

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

Beautiful quilt display, it's so great seeing them all at once! Thanks for your hard work coordinating the swap.

Winter Wanderings said...

Love it! The Grand Reveal is as much fun as waiting for the quilts to arrive!
Thanks Kate!!!

So much fun -- I think I'm ready for the next ALQS (well, almost!)

Zemphira ~ Scatter Art. said...

I would love to participate in the next swap! If there is a way for you to let me know, please do!

cd baskı said...

Thanks for coordinating this, Kate. Looking forward to the next Swap!

cd baskı said...

hey I would love to participate in the next

Francine said...

Thank you so much for coordinating this! It's my very first swap and it was fun. I love knowing where all the minis went and who to be jealous of!

CD Baskı said...

Thanks for coordinating this, Kate. Looking forward to the next Swap!

cd baskı said...

The Grand Reveal is as much fun as waiting for the quilts to arrive!