Tuesday 5 August 2008

Round 2 invitations

I have now sent out invitations to all those who requested to be notified when the second round of this swap opened and those who took part in the first round. If you fall into either of those categories and haven't received an email from me, let me know and I'll try again. (Partner info has not been sent yet, and won't be, until mid-August - I'll post a message here when it has been sent.)

My apologies to those who got an email that was full of goobledygook - I have no idea why that's happening, but if you have trouble reading it, let me know and I'll try again. (hmm, sense of deja vu about that sentence!)

If you interested in this swap but aren't in either group above, hang in there, there will be a few spaces for others to join, too.


Unknown said...

Hello !! I want to be in your Swap . can I . Hugs from Chile , Vero

Sherry said...

Hi Kate:

The next round sounds like it will be alot of fun, but alot of work for you.

I'm excited to see what comes through but I am happy to stay with the swaps that I am involved in now. . . and after all my obligations are cleared I plan on working for things for me.

Have a fun time with the signups!

Sherry V.

Quilting_Basket_Case said...

Just wanted to comment on your quilts from the last swap--right now I cannot commit to anything, but hopefully in the future I could join. The pictures you posted are wonderful.

I'm new to blogging, but love to do traditional and applique quilting. I'm trying to reduce my stash and finish some UFOs.

Great job!


Karla said...

I'd love to take part in your swap! I've read the rules. Please let me know if I need to do anything else.