Friday 11 February 2011

Mailing info emailed

OK, I have now mailed information to everyone, except in three cases, where I am still waiting on addresses from the recipients. If you are not Penny, Vero or Natalie and you have NOT received info from me on where to send your quilt, first, check your spam folder, but then contact me again as it's obviously gone astray somewhere along the line.

Clarification: Penny, Vero & Natalie - I have YOUR addresses. What I don't have is the addresses of where you ladies will need to send a quilt to! So, you three won't have instructions from me on where to send a quilt. Don't worry, though, you will have as soon as I get the address from the recipients.


arts4all said...

My quilt is all ready to pop in the mail today ;-0

This is like Christmas and a birthday rolled into one, with a few crackers, and then one wonderful present still to arrive!

Unknown said...

Hi . address sent , sorry , Vero