Tuesday 11 October 2011

OK, what now?

So, that's it. All the quilts have been posted, where possible with size, information and detail photos. It's up to you all now. If you have made a quilt for this round, you will need to assemble a list of preferences for the quilts you would like to give a home to. There are 35 quilts in this round; I would hope everyone would be able to put 10-12 quilts on their list. I hope to be able to find a home for all the quilts and to give everyone something they would like to receive.

If you feel very strongly about the order of quilts on your list, you are welcome to number them 1, 2, 3, etc, but as it's easier for me if you are less specific, feel free to simply send a list in no particular order, or to do what many did last time and do a 2 tier or 3 tier system - e.g. several absolute favourites, followed by other ones you like a lot, etc.

My life is probably going to be very busy between now and the end of the school half-term (the 21st of October), so I think it's unlikely I will get to sorting things out before that weekend - so shall we say, I'd like to have your lists back by the 21st, with the hopes I'll be able to begin sorting that weekend (and if I don't finish, I have a week off after that!).

Enjoy! And any questions, just ask.


Misha said...

So exciting! I will definitely have more than 10 on MY list :)

Thanks for all you do for this swap, Kate. I'm sooo glad I joined!

barcord said...

Thanks again Kate. Compiling my list already. They are all beautiful.

Shawn said...

I to think think they are all beautiful quilts. Thank You Kate and thank you everyone for making the quilts.

Julie said...

Good luck with the sorting Kate. I'm so sorry I had to pull out, there are so many beautiful quilts here!