Wednesday 19 October 2011

Preference List Update

Just a note to say I've had preference lists back from all but 9 people - if I have had your list, I have tried to email you back - so if you haven't had a confirmation from me, you may need to send your list again. Those of you who haven't had time to make your choices yet, no problem, but by the end of this week would be great...

I am pleased to say that all quilts have been put on a preference list at least once so far (and actually, my spreadsheet still needs a few more additions to catch up to my email). It's always surprising to me how well the distribution works out, given how different some of the quilts are. Why it should surprise me, I don't know, because each piece is lovely in its own way, and someone is bound to want to own it!


Misha said...

I'm so anxious to find out where my quilt is going and which one I'll be receiving. Great job everyone!

Winter Wanderings said...

Woo-Hoo! I can hardly wait to be sending mine out and to see which one comes to live with me!

Thank you Kate for a great swap!!!